Disney Costumes Make Great Teen Costumes

Disney Costumes help to end the challenge in finding the perfect costume for the tween and teen age kids. Disney costumes offer the newest and most popular characters and designs, but without the risque cuts or suggestions of adult costumes.

For girls, Disney costumes include the always sweet and sassy Tink, or the trendy Maleficent costume from Sleeping Beauty. Hannah Montana and High School Musical costumes are very popular with this age group, as is the Elizabeth costume from Pirates of the Caribbean. Girls want a costume that will make them feel pretty, and Disney makes every girl believe she could be a princess.

Teen boys have plenty of options with Disney costumes as well. Boys can choose to be Peter Pan or Captain Hook, or have some fun as Captain Jack Sparrow. If Jack’s not tough enough, there are Davy Jones and Maccus Sharkman pirate costumes. Boys can suit up as Prince Charming, or muscle up in a Mr Incredible costume. These boys costumes also pair well with girls costumes for a great couples idea.

Disney costumes are available for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults, making officially licensed Disney Costumes great for the whole family.

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