Couples Costumes Make Magic Happen!

Couples Costumes by definition are twice the fun! Playing new and fun characters is always exciting when you have a partner role playing the same game. If you are getting tired of the same old song and dance, then heat up the night and share the magic with friends by throwing a costume party.

Costume parties allow adults to let lose and have fun, and dressing in costume will bring out the inner devil in anyone! Everyone can enjoy the off-beat nature of a costume party. Encourage couples to dress in couples costumes, but don’t be surprised if they become more inseparable than usual! Couples costumes have a magical way of bringing couples together, and uniting them on the common ground of role play.

If you need any help with themes or planning, we have put together a guide on How to Plan and Throw the Perfect Costume Party. MrCostumes also carries a great selection of Couples Halloween Costumes that can’t be beat!

Luke Skywalker and Sexy Princess Leia Slave CostumesLuke Skywalker and Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costumes
Sultan and Genie CostumesSultan and Genie Costumes
Plug and Socket Couples CostumePlug and Socket Couples Costume
King and Queen of Hearts CostumesKing and Queen of Hearts Costumes
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