Top Couple Costume Ideas

Whether you’re wearing a new costume this year or re-wearing one of your classic ones, couple costume ideas will give you and your significant other an edge in costume contests. If you don’t have a significant other or you wish to go with a group of friends instead, there are still plenty of group costume ideas for the entire assembly.

Take popular culture into account this holiday to have the most popular costume at the party, so read over some of our great couple costume ideas and see if you can’t create group magic this year.

Popular Group Costume Ideas from Movies

Alice in Wonderland Group Costume

Alice in Wonderland Group Costume

Movies generally make up most of the costumes seen at Halloween, but many times you see only one character from the movie. Imagine if you had two characters from the movie or even a whole group!

There are plenty of group costume ideas in conjunction with movies, particularly superhero costumes. No matter what movie you choose, there are plenty of characters for each of your friends to be. Take the Avengers for example; Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow combined will make a great power packed group at any party.

A group of women can easily have fun in Alice in Wonderland costumes. Sexy costumes like flirty Alice or a Queen of Hearts costume will draw all attention and send men down the rabbit hole with desire. The Mad Hatter, which comes in male and female versions of the costume, can also join the group with characters like the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit.

For a great couples costume idea, turn to the popular movie Avatar, a story about star-crossed lovers. Jake Sully and Neytiri costumes can really cement a cute couples costume with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If movies don’t interest you or you can’t find a movie you and your significant other agree on (Action vs. Romantic Comedies, anyone?), you can always choose a costume based on theme.

Batman and Catwoman Costumes

Batman and Catwoman Costumes

Popular Couple Costume Ideas from Themes

Themes come in two types: Those that contrast each other, and those that complement each other. Choose whichever one you think your relationship fits most!

Complementary Themed Couple Costume Ideas

Complementary themes make for great couples Halloween costumes. A priest should not go without his sexy nun, and a princess always needs her prince. Two ghosts, or a pirate captain and a wench, make for great complementary themes. Even try the Oktoberfest guy and beer girl for costumes that can be used many times of the year.

Contrasting Themed Couples Costumes

These costumes are less seen than complementary costume themes. If your significant other is a cowboy or cowgirl, try to be a sexy Indian. If they’re the devil, you can be an angelic vision at the party. If you like the idea of contrasting themes coupled with movies, Batman and his arch-nemesis girlfriend, Catwoman, make a great pair.

Pets Can Costume, Too!

Pet Costume at Parade

Pet Costume at Parade

With pet parades popular, couple costume ideas can be applied to your dogs, too! See what kind of dog costumes you can find and dress your pooch up for some fun in the sun coupled with your very own costume. If you have a lot of doggies, try out one of the group costume ideas.