Another Amazing Avatar Costume

I've been really admiring the make-up jobs coming out of the Youtube world lately and there is a new one that just blew my mind. Youtube user Kenandelina made a really cool video of her transformation from normal girl to an Avatar alien. If you learn to do some of this makeup in time for Halloween, you'll be able to pair that with our Avatar costumes for an amazing complete outfit. Related Avatar Links: - Avatar Costumes Are going To Be Hot This Year via Mr Costumes - Avatar Costume … [Read more...]

Stunning Home Made Avatar Makeup


Most of you are aware that Mr Costumes has got the latest and greatest Avatar Costumes in stock recently. The tricky part is doing the makeup but luckily I found a whole bunch of amazing examples and tutorials on Youtube. There are some seriously talented people out there and you'll clearly see that in the videos below. Some of these folks spent nearly all day preparing this makeup! This video was painstakingly put together by youtube user FanzReviews. This costume was done for Halloween and … [Read more...]

Captain America Costumes Making A Comeback


For those of you who don't know that Captain America is making his way onto the big screen within the next year should be pleased to know that the costume is coming with it. They've set the filming dates to begin in June which should mean we get the blockbuster in theaters next summer. They villain was just chosen and we've heard the costume designers are working hard on the new look. We here at Mr Costumes know that this means the kids will be decking out in a blue jumpsuit and a shield come … [Read more...]

Avatar Costumes Expected to Fly

Avatar Costumes Avatar costumes are anticipated to be the most popular costumes for 2010. It is not a surprise, given the powerful storyline of Avatar and amazing digital effects that were used to create the unique look of the Na'vi clan. With Avatar now being the top grossing movie of all time, Avatar movie costumes will fly, and demand is going to be higher than supply. Avatar is a movie based on the American attempt to gather riches from beneath the lifeline of the Na'vi people. To do … [Read more...]

Sesame Street Celebrates the Big 40


Sesame Street is celebrating 40 years today! Present to celebrate this big 40th anniversary will be First Lady Michelle Obama to plant vegetable seeds with Big Bird and Elmo. How has Sesame Street stayed so popular 40 years running? Sesame Street is fun, educational, always presenting new learning techniques, and current with technology. Sesame Street even has its own theme park in Pennsylvania - Sesame Place. Sesame Street has always managed to maintain their strong commitment to children … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes Include Dog the Bounty Hunter


Plus Size Costumes offer most of the same funny and popular themes as their smaller costume counterparts, including characters such as Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter. For most people, trying to create a homemade Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter costume could prove quite difficult. The lure of the reality show is mostly based off the unique lifestyle of Dog and his family, and his career choice. Most adults don't have black leather vests and short black mini skirts just hanging in the closet, and … [Read more...]

Superman Costumes Bring Guinness World Records to Metropolis


Every summer in Metropolis, Illinois, crowds gather at Superman Square for the Annual Superman Celebration. This year's 31st annual celebration takes place from June 11-14, and kicks off with the official presentation of the Guinness World Record for Most People Dressed as Superman, set during the 2008 Superman Celebration. Guinness is strict with their regulations, and costumes had to be officially licensed Superman Costumes, logo and all. Crowds have grown to over 30,000, with everyone … [Read more...]

Responding to the Controversy: Mr. Costumes Takes On The Dark Knight

Recent articles have called into question our ethics and intentions at Mr.Costumes ( Eric Murphy of Holy Moly stated, "Out of respect...marketeers didn't cash in on the film's tragic footnote. Except for one man. Ladies and gentlemen, we present Mr Costumes. Proving that there's no line that can't be crossed in the name of all-consuming greed." At Mr. Costumes, we think it's kind of silly to imply that we are ill-willed or the first retailer to "cash in" on Batman: The … [Read more...]