US Halloween Parades in Oklahoma 2012

Spooky Insane Asylum Party

Halloween parades in Oklahoma must all have Cowboys, Outlaws and Indian costumes - though it's not a law - but Outlaws could be part of the state's rules given the Oklahoma slogan "Native America." But its earlier slogan of "We Love Dreamers" may be better suited to selecting a cool Halloween costume. The state hosts numerous events for younger children but includes enough adult activities to offer a great Halloween for all ages. This Parade By Any Name Is Still Wild The Ghouls Gone Wild … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in South Carolina – 2012

Smiling Halloween Faces by

Halloween Parades in South Carolina are wondrous, magical, bone chilling, controversial and full of sweet goodies and surprises! While "Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places" may be the slogan for South Carolina, that is definitely not what you will see throughout the state during Halloween - unless it is of the proud parents, grandparents and friends watching their children have fun dressed up in their Halloween costumes and going to one of the exciting Halloween parades in South … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Arkansas – 2012


Halloween Parades in Arkansas start with their beloved Bill Clinton and end with some true community Halloween spirit of "Come One, Come All"! President Bill Clinton may be Arkansas's favorite son, but he is also one the most popular Halloween costumes for many years. With the presidential elections right around the corner, Bill and Hillary masks have made it into the top 50 Best Couples Costumes this Halloween. The Clintons are always a hot topic, but the popular superheroes may beat his … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Montana – 2012


Time for Halloween parades in Montana, Here you will find many events that are as spread out and varied as the "Big Sky" state name suggests. There are parades for dogs - even for specifically the Queen of England's favorite Corgi - and one restricted to under 2 years, as well as those for all other ages. Montana has a rich background in stories and the lives of the early settlers, cowboys and Indians. The terrain of Montana makes the life of a wranglers the epitome of the American cowboys. … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Nebraska – 2012

Curtis Nebraska Childrens Halloween Parade

Autumn is here and as one might say in the heart of a corn field, "Oh, the corn balling days are here." We have a spooktacular list of fun, scary, hauntingly good Halloween Parades in Nebraska, so check the list and invite everyone! The Cornhusker state may have hosted 7 "Children of the Corn" movies, and no doubt costumes paying homage to the series may be popular, but there is a spirit of giving that larger states do not seem to have adopted. From what I have found there at least two … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Illinois – 2012


Illinois Costumes Inspires all of the US Costume Designers Illinois is the 5th most populous state in the US. Most costume designers and the majority of all American Halloween themed costumes are directly and indirectly connected with this state. All over the state you will see Halloween Parades and you don't have to look too far for ideas. From Indians like keokuk, cowboys, wild west hero like Wyatt Earp and his brothers (famous O.K. Corral shootout); Political figures like Betty Ford, … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Louisiana – 2012

Lestat - Interview with the Vampire

Louisiana and New Orleans are well know for parades - the Mardi Gras event is known throughout the world. Now the Halloween Parades in Louisiana throughout the state are all starting to develop their own notoriety. We have the best of the best and looking for more! Just think, even Anne Rice, the author of the famous vampire novels, has a house in the French Quarter and hosts parties both during Mardi Gras and Halloween. The city even throws an annual Vampire Ball! LeStat Army Descends On … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in California 2012

California Disney Halloween Parades

This state holds the most Halloween parades in the country because of its great autumn weather - even if you don't count the constantly repeating parades in October at Disneyland, Universals Studios or Sea World. The state is also home to a large number of Theme Parks, and most of them have Halloween events that include parades. So Disney character costumes, movie character costumes, and all the spooky and playful costumes of the holiday are everywhere. HaloWine, Halloween Songs Written in … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in New York – 2012

spooky halloween

New York hosts what may be the best known Halloween parade in the world. The parade, which runs through Greenwich Village, attracts people from all over the world. But beyond this one parade, the state has many Halloween Parades and events, and many interesting ties to October 31. NYC Resident Houdini Died on Halloween, Major Tragic Building Mirrors Real Life Harry Houdini, the famous magician, lived most of his adult life in NYC. Houdini spent his life dispelling the idea of ghosts and … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Texas – 2012


Everything is big in Texas, as the saying goes, and that includes Halloween Parties. The diversity of Halloween events reflects the diversity of the state. We have the best list of Halloween Parades in Texas from floating coffins, hijacked gay parades and down home cowboy events are all part of how Texas celebrates Halloween. Halloween Floats That Actually Float On Water San Antonio is well known for its River Walk and at Halloween the city center uses its waterway to create a unique … [Read more...]