Halloween Parades in Mississippi

Harry Potter trumps Mark Twain

Halloween parades in Mississippi should be massive events like the mighty river the state shares its name with. Sadly, generations have missed the great works of Mark Twain and the adventures he told of along that river. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, great Halloween characters in their day, have been replaced with Harry Potter and the vampires of Twilight and True Blood. Did Harry Potter Wizard Away Mississippi Halloween Themes? The state slogan "It Feels Like Coming Home" may have eluded to the … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Kentucky 2012

Halloween's Michael Myers

Getting dressed up is a Kentucky tradition, so it is not surprising that Halloween parades in Kentucky are popular. The hats and fashions worn during the Kentucky Derby each year may not be the scary costumes worn during the October holiday, but the creativity used during the Derby must carry over. The state has a rich history in the horse racing industry, but it seems that the love of animals also holds true for their dogs. A horse therapy group in the state has found dressing up the horses in … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Vermont – 2012

Pumpkins popular in Vermont

This small state has a passion for pumpkins. Apart from the numerous Halloween parades, they host a lot of pumpkin related events during the Halloween period. Pumpkin carving is a big one, and each year the festival in Manchester attempts to break the Guinness Record for the most pumpkins being carved simultaneously. In other parts of the state, you can see Halloween-costumed people throwing pumpkins, painting them, and even playing golf with pumpkins. Teddy Bears and Ice Cream Good Vermont … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Wyoming 2012

wyoming halloween

Wyoming is the cowboy state - more so than others that have deep roots to the cowboy lifestyle. Wyoming's  iconic silhouette image of a Bucking Horse and Rider is a federal and state registered trademark.  Wyoming is where the deer and the buffalo roam, and the state slogans of "Forever West" and "Like No Place on Earth" capture the ruggedness of the state. The University of Wyoming's mascot is the cowboy. Interestingly, Cheyenne, the state capital, is the biggest city in the state, yet has a … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Connecticut 2012

Connecticut toddlers parade

We have the information on statewide Halloween Parades in Connecticut!! There is much excitement for this year's Halloween Parades in Connecticut! With the 2011 winter storm that cancelled most of the outdoor Halloween parades last year, the children and parents will be ready to do double duty this year. No doubt that residents of Connecticut will have more then one plan to enjoy the holiday celebrations from zombie walks, costume parades, BBW (Big Beautiful Women) Halloween Bash, or maybe a … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Washington DC 2012

Watson Adventures

We have the low down on Halloween Parades in Washington DC! Halloween parades in the Washington District of Columbia (DC), while the number of events may be small, they tend to draw the crowds.  Halloween provides a number of interesting social events and their political opportunities. Washington D.C. offers trick-or-treating and parading on Embassy Row, spooktacular children's events, and haunting adventures for young and old. There is always something during the day to grab the attention of … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Alabama 2012

cool halloween

Alabama parades for 2012 put childrens' safety first, focus on betterment of community, and are just pure haunting fun for everyone! We have a huge list of Halloween Parades in Alabama that vary from a large family style Mardi Gras, Ghosts, Ghouls, Monsters, Zombies, Vampires to Gagas parading and celebrating in grand Halloween style to the small school level events held for the toddlers and elementary school children. Baby costumes are always cute and many of the Halloween Parades in … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Alaska 2012

The Gateway to Hell in Alaska?

Halloween Parades in Alaska are more creative, as it gets really, really cold in Alaska (Oh Really, you ask!?!) Okay, seriously - the cold and the weather can be sunny, snowy, rainy, ice storms and sometimes all in one day. So we all know it can get below single digits, so Alaska's Halloween Parades are generally done indoors. Libraries, schools and social organizations make arrangements for the small children, while the adults have a tendency to forego parades and just stay inside warm bars … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in West Virginia – 2012

Asylum Haunted Ball & Costume Contest

For a small state, West Virginia may actually offer the coolest options for Halloween Parades. What other state offers events in a prison and a mental institution? Where else did the Hatfields and McCoys bring feuding to an art form? Halloween means different things to people, but it's also a holiday that's celebrated in ways that reflect America's regional diversity, customs, and cultures. Insane or Criminal: West Virginia Offers It All The slogan for the state has varied from "open for … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Iowa – 2012

13 Stairs Cemetery Palo Iowa

Halloween Parades in Iowa are as festive as the list of Iowa slogans makes for an interesting possible Halloween tie in - "Life Changing" and  "Fields of Opportunities" are the current ones, while the older "You make me smile" and "Is this heaven?" could be used during Halloween events in the state. At any time except Halloween, Iowa's nickname of the "American Heartland" has a normal meaning, but during this holiday, the heart takes on a different meaning and monsters come out in search for … [Read more...]