Best Thanksgiving Parades, Marathons & Costumes ideas


Best Thanksgiving Parades, Marathons & Costumes ideas for your Thanksgiving holidays and events! These ideas are great ways to celebrate! Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled holidays in the US. It is a time when family, extended family and friends come together, a time when old traditions are added to and new traditions are created, and a time to give thanks. It can be more than just a wonderful turkey dinner. Best Thanksgiving Costumes and Turkey outfits: If you are looking for … [Read more...]

NYC Cancels Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade in New York at Greenwich Village

NYC Halloween Parade Canceled! New York City has survived Hurricane Sandy, but the damages are still being calculated. It's official that Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm, Hurricandy was "The worst natural disaster to hit New York City's transit systems, in their entire 108-year history" MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota. The hurricane flooded the subway tunnels with corrosive salt water, debris and electrical work is still being done. The transit system is the priority and the quicker it is up … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Idaho

Day of the Dead

No, they don't carve potatoes in Idaho, but there are still a number of great Halloween parades in Idaho as well as a number of unique events. Idaho, home to a number of Native Indian tribes, also has a large Latin population as there are a few Day of thew Dead events. Courthouses, Grandstands and a Haunted Home Show Guess the ghosts and ghouls are not just haunting houses and cemeteries in Idaho. There are haunted Halloween events at a Home Show - scary people in to home improvements perhaps … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Nevada

fetish costume

Halloween parades in Nevada seem as appropriate as the parades in New Orleans or Disney properties. It is an endless party for visitors, and why should the employees be the only ones in costume? Walking through the casinos almost has a year round Halloween feel - there are Roman soldiers and toga clad waitresses and little Paris and Venice are there with all the Circus performers. It is also interesting that Nevada became a state on October 31. Nevada Cities Celebrate Halloween Early Given … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades In New Mexico 2012

day of dead parade

Halloween parades in New Mexico borrow from the traditions on both sides of the border and even some Medieval activities. It makes sense that Day of the Dead celebrations be combined with Halloween festivities due to the Latin influences at the Mexican border and the Mexican-American population in the state. Día de los Muertos Part of New Mexico Halloween The celebration of the Día de los Muertos is rooted in both indigenous Mexican people and Catholic religious workers. It honors and … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Missouri 2012

Lemp Haunted Mansion

Halloween events in Missouri include parades but also show rather eclectic activities that include haunted mansions, a chili cook off, a family tree dance, and even a Smashing Pumpkins concert. Given this is the "Show Me State," costumes must be popular, and Halloween is the best holiday for getting your costume on! Haunted Brewery, Smashing Pumpkins Big in Missouri The Lemp Mansion and the family that built one of the most successful breweries in St Louis has a history of misfortune and are … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in South Dakota

Toddler Outlaws

Halloween parades in South Dakota have a rich state history to draw upon for costume ideas. This is the state of the Badlands - Badlands National Park encompasses over 240,000 acres of land comprised of eroded buttes, spires and protected mixed-grass prairie - where the cowboy outlaws all seemed to run to and hide from posses. The famous Mount Rushmore is in the state with its huge carving of presidents to inspire costume choices. Harry Potter, Famous Death Inspire Halloween Costumes South … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Iowa 2012

Clear Lake Halloween parade

Halloween Parades in Iowa get a lot of attention given the fact that though set in Nebraska, Children of the Corn was filmed in the state. The list of Iowa slogans makes for another interesting possible Halloween tie in - Life Changing, Fields of Opportunities are the current ones, while the older "You make me smile" and "Is this heaven?" could be used during Halloween events in the state. At any time except Halloween, Iowa's nickname of the "American Heartland" has a normal meaning, but during … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in New Hampshire 2012

Samhain Festival

"You're Going To Love It Here" is a great state slogan and should be shown at every Halloween parade in New Hampshire. There is a major push for New Hampshire community involvement at most of the parades and a large number of merchants gathering for trick or treats - a long list can be found at the bottom of the parade list. Portsmouth Throws Grassroots Halloween Parade Keeping in the "love it here" motif, Portsmouth leads the way with their Halloween Parade. Marching into its 17th year, … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Tennessee

Elvis Halloween costume

The state is famous for many musical styles - the country music of Nashville and the Blues of Memphis - and the Halloween parades in Tennessee are a combination of both styles. There are haunted country hayrides and spooky blues, and the Halloween parades in the state aptly reflect its slogan: America at its best. Parades in Tennessee DNA The original state slogan creates a parade if properly followed - "Follow Me To Tennessee." Beyond Halloween, parades are part of many celebrations in … [Read more...]