Stunning Home Made Avatar Makeup


Most of you are aware that Mr Costumes has got the latest and greatest Avatar Costumes in stock recently. The tricky part is doing the makeup but luckily I found a whole bunch of amazing examples and tutorials on Youtube. There are some seriously talented people out there and you'll clearly see that in the videos below. Some of these folks spent nearly all day preparing this makeup! This video was painstakingly put together by youtube user FanzReviews. This costume was done for Halloween and … [Read more...]

Joker Makeup tutorial


If you're going to be tackling the task of becoming the Joker this year then we got the most important, and hardest part figured out. The makeup required to complete the Grand Heritage Joker Costume isn't easy to do at first, but after this tutorial you'll be able to achieve it. Youtube user pnkelifant has a 5 part video series on doing the makeup and we've got it coming to you thanks to Youtube's embedding. I'd highly recommend practicing this before you take it on for Halloween nighty! … [Read more...]