The Myers House – North Carolina


Have you ever had a child hood obsession that you could just not let go of as an adult? I'm not talking about the likes of baseball cards or stamps here folks, I'm talking about hard core obsessions. About The Myers House North Carolina A man by the name Kenny Caperton in North Carolina had an obsession, only his was with John Carpenter's classic horror flick Halloween. He was such a huge fan of Michael Myers from Halloween that when he finally decided to make the plunge and build a house he … [Read more...]

Scavenger Hunts For Halloween


Every year Halloween comes and kids and parents from around the World suit up and head off into the night. Halloween for some isn't just a one night candy hunt out in the neighborhood, for some the whole month of October is filled with ghoulish festivities. I have my own childhood memories of the fun Halloween brought me and I wanted to share a cool way of making sure your children have some of their own as well. There are a handful of awesome group activities that you can setup as a family, … [Read more...]

Build a Dress-Up Trunk Kids will LOVE

Dress-up time always seems to keep kids occupied for hours. Children get lost in their imagination as they pretend to be the character of their dreams. Why not build your own dress-up trunk to facilitate this type of play time? With a couple of easy steps, you can pull together a dress-up trunk your child will love. 1. Assess the needs of your child or children. Princesses, Pop Stars, action, and superheroes are all out there for your child explore. Depending on your family, you may need a … [Read more...]

Trading Fort LLC Launches Mr. Costumes Web Site

It's official.....Trading Fort LLC announced via press release on Tuesday that its new site, Mr. Costumes, is up and running. Offering a variety of Halloween Costumes from traditional to trendy with a little sexy in between, adults and kids alike will find the costume they want on the site as well as Halloween accessories and decorations. Co-founder, Chris Miller, had this insight for the 2008 Halloween season, "Ironman and Batman - The Dark Knight will be very popular this year". So….why … [Read more...]

Welcome to Mr. Costumes

Welcome to the Mr. Costumes blog. Here we'll discuss new costumes, Halloween decorations and provide tips on new products and trends in the costuming world. is new to the internet however our company is not. We've been serving customers online with various websites since 2000. We're looking forward to serving you and providing all of your costuming and Halloween decor needs. Well, we're busy adding Halloween Costumes to the site so check often to see our progress. Please … [Read more...]