Zombie Wedding – Halloween Wars Finale of 2012

Zombie Wedding Halloween Wars 2012 024

Zombie Wedding, The Season Finale of Halloween Wars! Time to creep out! The final Halloween Wars episode will air on Sunday, October 28th. This will bring to end the Food Network's Halloween Wars Season 2 special 2012 seasonal mini-series. This show is addictive! The finale tonight is zombie wedding, bride and groom, and zombie marriage themed. The teams (Morbid Mayhem and Dead Men Walking) are challenged to use their expert culinary skills while their displays evoke love of the heartless … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars – Science Gone Wrong

Science Gone Wrong

Halloween Wars - Science Gone Wrong Sunday October 21st, 2012 on FoodNetwork is  Halloween Wars Season Two and the third food battle with celebrity guest judge Chaske Spenser. Chaske is most well known as the  alpha werewolf in the movie series Twilight. Chaske will be judging the best of last weeks best 3 teams. This week, the  Halloween theme is Science Gone Wrong where the teams of expert pumpkin carvers, cake decorators and candy artists will create a display that will capture the … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars – Battle of the Vampire Killer

Halloween Wars FoodNetwork Logo

FoodNetworks Halloween Wars Season 2 sensational challenge this week is "Battle of the Vampire Killer." Celebrity guest  judge Rutina Wesley of HBO's TruBlood joins the cast. Rutina, as well as the other Halloween Wars judges, will watch the final four teams ( last week we lost one team in the Evil Clowns) take on the challenge to create the gruesome visions of the final moments bloodly (bloodless moments) of when the victorious Vampire Slayer defeats the soulless, blood thirsty enemy. … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars – Evil Clowns Pictures

Evil Clown - Red Teams Spine Chiller

Halloween Wars by the Foodnetwork was a sweet night of scary delights! I did a search and found very few pictures. I did find one  so I tried to take a few and I apologize for the quality did a great show on the Foodnetwork. There was not a lot of pictures on their site or the web so I am putting up some of the ones I took for my Halloween inspirations. If you have images you have done that would inspire others looking for  Evil Clowns send them to me, I will add them to this page or comment … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars – Evil Clowns – Episode Guide

Halloween Wars FoodNetwork Logo

Halloween Wars Episodes Guide for Season Two This Sunday begins season two of Halloween Wars on the Food Network.  Tonight's Halloween Wars Episode Guide is on Evil Clowns, which takes 5 teams. Each team has 3 warriors, a master pumpkin carver, culinary baker and professional candy maker. The host will announce a the Halloween theme and any items they must have in the display, and then the challenge begins and the clock starts. Last year the teams had 3 challenges, but by the final round, an … [Read more...]

Top 5 Evil Clowns – Best Killer Clown Costumes

Evil Killer Clowns

We have compiled the best Top 5 Evil Clowns, Top 5 Best Scary Halloween Costumes (with sweet discounts), and the top 10 best Evil Clown Movies all to continue with the Halloween cheer of this year's Halloween Wars Season Two, which features Killer Clowns in the first episode! What would you design for Halloween Wars with the theme Evil Clown? Evil Clown CostumeAt Mr Costumes, we breathe costumes 24/7 and 365 days a year. We embrace the spirit of Halloween in the sense of fun in transforming! … [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Vampire Killer Slayer Costumes

Vampire Slayer

Halloween Wars-Battle of Vampire Killer Need vampire slayer costume ideas after seeing Halloween Wars Season two "Battle of the Vampire Killer"? Deciding on the perfect heroic killer vampire slayer has confidence and the disconnect of what others think. Vampire Slayer outfits mix rock star essences with the wearable, relaxed fit clothing of the American biker. Choosing the best costume is important when attending a themed Halloween party and isn't always easy to pull off. Remember to stick to … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars Team Guide – 2012

Extreme Halloween Wars at it's most gruesome - but sweetest! Meet the Halloween Wars team Warriors! At what point did the the Cupcake Wars, carving of pumpkins, and designing terror turn into a reality show for top culinary experts to team up and battle other professional chefs? FoodNetwork is bringing back Halloween Wars and Season two is making this an annual Halloween event. Like with any new battle, expect to see some familiar faces, guest celebrities, and more challenging Halloween … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars Season 2 – Judges Biographies

Sara Canning - Vampire Diaries

We also dug up the creepy facts up about the show host, Justin Willman, who is best known from the Food Network show Cupcake Wars. The celebrity judging panel will include the returning Shinmin Li and Tom Savini alongside one of four celebrity judges: Shawnee Smith, Rutina Wesley, Chaske Spenser, and Sara Canning. Let's learn a little bit more about each of them. We also have the highlights on the first episode guide on Halloween Wars - Evil Clown. The second episode "Battle of the Vampire … [Read more...]

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day Costumes

Talk Like a Pirate Celebrations Ahoy, matey! It's the 10th anniversary of TalkLikeaPirate.com, and just one day away from the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated this September 19, 2012. If you're thinking about having a fun pirate themed get together, make sure it's in the proper theme. No land lubbers are allowed to truly celebrate like a pirate, so make sure to take everything into account from pirate foods to games and authentic pirate costumes, or risk walking the plank. Eat Like a … [Read more...]