Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day Costumes

Talk Like a Pirate Celebrations Ahoy, matey! It's the 10th anniversary of TalkLikeaPirate.com, and just one day away from the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated this September 19, 2012. If you're thinking about having a fun pirate themed get together, make sure it's in the proper theme. No land lubbers are allowed to truly celebrate like a pirate, so make sure to take everything into account from pirate foods to games and authentic pirate costumes, or risk walking the plank. Eat Like a … [Read more...]

St Patricks Day Costumes: The Good Luck Charm to Fun Parties


St Patricks Day Costumes at Block Party This year St Patricks day is happening on a Saturday. Whether you are going to a parade, a festival or having a local house party, part of the fun is dressing up in St Patricks Day costumes and seeing what everyone else wears. Beer, food and music are guaranteed to be at any St Patricks event, but I am dressing up and heading to Buckhead, GA for the 16th Annual Outdoor St Patrick’s Day Festival, sponsored by Fado Irish Pub. Day event, Irish dancers and … [Read more...]

Annual Halloween Costume Day at Mr. Costumes

Mr. Costumes Group Photo (Quite a few MIA) Mr. Costumes not only enjoys offering the best in Halloween costumes to the country, but we also enjoy wearing costumes to work! Enjoy some pics captured of the staff dressed in play for our annual Costume Day. For more pictures of employees in costume, visit our Facebook album and Flickr pages! 80's Video Rap Star Costume Batgirl Costumes Skeleton Costumes Astronaut Costumes Womens Pirate Costumes Cleaoptra Costumes Oktoberfest … [Read more...]

Tips To Create A Haunted House For Halloween

Haunted House from Greg Matthews on Vimeo. Have you ever been to one of those haunted houses in your neighborhood during Halloween? I'll bet you have and, if you're like the rest of us, you've been thinking about attempting to make one for yourself. You can do this on a budget, or you can spend like the Government and blow that budget overboard. Regardless on how you do it, we'll give you a few easy tips to do it on the cheap. Darkness easily scares most people, so you know to at least … [Read more...]

A Magical Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party


Magic, excitement, and wonder await at the big Alice In Wonderland birthday bash this year. Every little one deserves a party full of color and thrill, and with an Alice In Wonderland party, brightening up the atmosphere is simple. </>Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Alice In Wonderland is one of the top themes for the year and one of the most diverse as well with so many options as far as party decorations, cakes, and even costumes. The theme for the party could focus on sweet … [Read more...]

Halloween Events 2009

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, and Sunday morning the clocks go back an hour, allowing for an extra hour of sleep. With the weekend and daylight savings lined up so perfectly this year, everyone is planning some sweet Halloween fun. While quaint small towns can distribute a monthly magazine that focuses on all the events taking place within their great town and city, larger cities like Chicago and the Big Apple have a bit more work to do. Trying to gather all the Halloween events into … [Read more...]