Halloween Decorations and Lights to Amaze and Inspire

Halloween Light Wrapped Trees

Remember when you were a kid, dressed up in your Halloween costume and full of excitement, a sugar rush already settling in from sneaking candies out of the bowl at your house? It was finally just dark enough outside and the first place you wanted to go was that insanely fun or spooky looking house two streets over. The one with all the incredible Halloween lights and decorations (not to mention the full sized candy bars)! There is simply nothing better than a holiday enthusiast who shares their … [Read more...]

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorating goes beyond the costumes we wear to houses adorned with decorations both inside and out. The only limit is your creativity, so if you are looking for some inspiration, we have lined up some Halloween decorating ideas to spur you on. Whether you're creating scary Halloween decorations for your living room or looking for a unique Halloween yard display, a combination of the old standards and some new tricks always seem to create the right look. Add bone-chilling flair to … [Read more...]

Halloween Lights Illuminate the Big Night

House with Halloween LightsHalloween Lights Generally when you think of mini lights, you think of Christmas and the colors that correspond to it: gold, multicolor, and clear lamps. However, there are plenty of colors you might not know about, colors that correspond with Halloween such as purple, orange, and black. These bright little Halloween lights are perfect for decorating your house during October. Strike fear into the hearts of those who dare knock on your door or welcome the … [Read more...]