Sexy Halloween Costumes 2009

Sexy costumes are not always skimpy, as proven by our list of the top 10 sexy Halloween costumes of 2009 for women. Sexy can be about how much skin you show, or how well you cover it. Our top 10 list had a checklist that included material used and quality in design. And the winners are... Sexy Ghostbusters Costume Sexy Spongebob Costume And #11, just for the heck of it:Sexy Female Robin Costume … [Read more...]

Light Up Costumes Spark the Night


Light up costumes are the newest and greatest in Halloween costumes. Everyone enjoys lighted Halloween decorations, and with a light up costume you are the Halloween decoration! See how much fun trick-or-treating can be! Whether sporting a Glow in the Dark Spiderman costume or a dazzling Twinkle Pumpkin Princess costume, the cool affects of lighted clothes bring costumes to a whole new level. Halloween 2009 brings a great selection of light up Halloween costumes. Even sexy costumes include … [Read more...]

Green M & M Costumes Get Aphrodisiac Hype


Green M&M costumes carry a fun and sexy connotation, with myths surrounding the green candy and its function as an aphrodisiac. Even researched the risque meanings attributed to the green M&M candy in the hopes of discovering the truth. While M&M/Mars claims they have not discovered any extraordinary powers contained within the small green candy, they finally jumped on board by giving their green M&M character luscious lips and bedroom eyes. In 2008, the green … [Read more...]

Couples Costumes Keep the Action Going

Spartan and Oh My Goddess Couples Costume Idea Couples Costumes can be considered bonding material for many relationships. A recent Squidoo post reads The Couple that Scares Together Stays Together, and magazines across the nation publish articles every month stressing the importance of surprise and role play for couples, whether newly formed or celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Most couples need action, whether it is in rare form or common place. A great means for creating this … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes at MrCostumes


Plus Size Halloween Costumes have increased in selection at, to include over 73 costumes. With the addition of new plus size costumes including plus size sexy costumes and mens costumes, MrCostumes is well on his way to being the premier supplier of costumes to the curvier segment of society. While classic costume favorites like superheros and sexy French maids are still available, MrCostumes has taken the time to carefully find and add costumes with new and exciting designs. This … [Read more...]

Funny Costumes for the Life of the Party

But Mommy I Don't Want to Grow Up Adult Costume Funny Costumes are a great way to spark some controversy and get a few laughs at your next party. Why be forgotten and suffer from the emotional distress of never appearing in the party pictures? Dress in one of our funny costumes, and you are sure to pose for more than a group picture! With so many costumes to choose from at, you can find funny couples costumes, funny plus size costumes, and funny adult costumes. Go edgy or go … [Read more...]

Couples Costumes Make Magic Happen!


Couples Costumes by definition are twice the fun! Playing new and fun characters is always exciting when you have a partner role playing the same game. If you are getting tired of the same old song and dance, then heat up the night and share the magic with friends by throwing a costume party. Costume parties allow adults to let lose and have fun, and dressing in costume will bring out the inner devil in anyone! Everyone can enjoy the off-beat nature of a costume party. Encourage couples to … [Read more...]

It’s Mardi Gras Time!

This year Mardi Gras falls on February 24th - are you ready? The folks in New Orleans could really use the tourism and, in the middle of such dismal economic news, many Americans could really use a break from reality. So, if you're going to Mardi Gras this year, have you got your "tools"? What do I mean by that you ask? Well you know, have you gotten your Sexy French Maid Costume or how about your Sponge Babe Costume (Wow!) yet? Get ready for the party with Sexy Costumes from … [Read more...]

Turn Mundane into Exciting with Sexy Costumes

Have you ever spent all day cleaning your house to have your partner arrive home and not say a word about how nice everything looks? I’m not sure you can change that behavior, but I do think he will say how nice you look if you are wearing a sexy maid costume when he arrives home. You could plan on a nice night out after that homecoming! There are many options to choose from if you want to spice up your relationship with a sexy costume. The first step to sexy dressing is to determine what … [Read more...]

Save Money this Year

Don’t waste time and gas driving around looking for the perfect costume. Save money by shopping online for your costume needs. Get the best selection of costumes in the comfort of your own home and have your purchase delivered right to you. From infants to adults, Mr. Costumes has the style of costume you want for your next party or for Halloween. Check out our Superheroes or maybe a Princess is more your style. When you‘re done shopping, don’t forget to pick up a little something sexy for … [Read more...]