Must See Harley Quinn Costumes and Dresses

Harley Quinn Costumes and Dresses

Love sure can make a girl do some crazy things… For Harley Quinn, love led to a slow descent into madness, corruption and a life of crime. Formerly Harleen Quinzel, the bubbly yet psychotic charmer spiraled out of control from a career as a rising psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum to dressing in a harlequin costume, utilizing comical but effective weaponry and reaching super-villain status, all to please her “Mr. J”, her “Puddin,’” the one and only, Joker. via GIPHY Harleen … [Read more...]

Modern Day Princess Costumes Turn Girls into Warriors


Previously women’s leading roles in most fairy tales was passive. Women just sat back looked pretty and waited to be rescued by a handsome prince or some other man. Today female leads take more active roles in these stories. Their characters are more developed and they do not wait to be rescued. They fight or become more involved in action. They save themselves and sometimes their male companion too. These new fairy tale costumes reflect their more active roles. Below we will look at some of … [Read more...]

What Costume Size Should I Buy?

Clown Header Costume Size

Halloween Costumes are fun and provide the perfect opportunity to express your dark side, flaunt your alter ego, or explore secret wishes. Whether you have a daughter dreaming of twirling around in a Frozen Elsa dress, a son dead set on a Zombie costume fit for The Walking Dead or a teen anticipating a blood tingling Vampire Diaries ensemble, you need a costume that satisfies your expectations in quality and fits properly. You will find sizing charts like the one shown below on all of our … [Read more...]

Sizing Sexy Costumes for End of Summer Heat

Summer Loving

A last taste of summer loving is easy with the help of sexy costumes. Summer officially ends September 21st. You've spent time as a couple to see every vampire movie, superhero 3D release, and movies under the stars; now it's time to add some heat at home with sexy costumes. Get social and throw an End of Summer party that allows everyone to show off their tanned bodies in sexy womens costumes. But don't give your sexy costume 3D effects - choose the right size to ensure everything stays in … [Read more...]

St Patricks Day Costumes: The Good Luck Charm to Fun Parties


St Patricks Day Costumes at Block Party This year St Patricks day is happening on a Saturday. Whether you are going to a parade, a festival or having a local house party, part of the fun is dressing up in St Patricks Day costumes and seeing what everyone else wears. Beer, food and music are guaranteed to be at any St Patricks event, but I am dressing up and heading to Buckhead, GA for the 16th Annual Outdoor St Patrick’s Day Festival, sponsored by Fado Irish Pub. Day event, Irish dancers and … [Read more...]

Sexy Costumes Make the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men


It's true. Sexy costumes really do make the best Valentine's Day gifts for men. Men really do not care much about a new tie, socks or movie tickets. They just want to be with their women and only hope for a fiery, hot night. With so many fetishes and desires, ideas of sexy costumes for Valentine's Day are unlimited. Imagine the fantasies you can inspire in your man's mind. 1. Sexy School Girl Costume as a Valentine's Day Thank You School girl outfits please every man's fantasy. There is … [Read more...]

Red Riding Hood Costumes Hit Theatres

Sexy Little Red My first Red Riding Hood costume Red Hot Riding Hood Divine Miss Red by Leg Avenue … [Read more...]

Cheerleader Costumes Put the Pep in Halloween


Baby Cheerleader Costume Cheerleader costumes are one of the timeless classics that are seen out and about on Halloween. From dolling up tiny tots to showing off their mommies, cheerleader costumes are springing to action. Nothing puts pep into the night like the pom pom shaking cheer girls! The traditional cheerleader costume with pleated skirt, top, and pom poms has taken to change and new styles of an all time favorite are being presented year after year. Adding a Gothic twist into girls … [Read more...]

Flirtatious French Maid Costumes


Sexy French Maid Costume Flirty, frilled, and full of fun, sexy maid costumes are regular Halloween party attendees. Sexy yet classy, French Maid costumes turn what should be a clean role into a dirty mind making beauty! Lace and satin, frills and bows, sexy French Maid costumes have all the needed details to get attention from every direction. French Maid costumes seem to be increasing more and more in popularity opposed to many costumes that lose that spark after a couple of years. The … [Read more...]

Bug Costumes are Exterminating the Competition


Mother and Daughter in Bumble Bee Costumes Bumble bee and ladybug costumes have taken the thought away from bugs being so pesky. These adorable creatures have turned into some of the best selling costume ideas among girls and women of all ages. Exterminating the competition is easy in adorable bug costumes. A tiny bumble bee knocking on your door asking for candy on Halloween is too cute to refuse. Bumble bee costumes have an innocent elegance to them with yellow and black stripes and tiny … [Read more...]