Scary Kids Costumes to Make Them Scream

Scary Kids Costumes

While many children love dressing up in Disney or Nickelodeon costumes, this year you may be seeing a lot of zombies shuffling in front of your door with scary kids costumes. The popularity of The Walking Dead and zombie movies like World War Z has both adults and children running to get living dead costumes. But the popularity of zombies and other scary creatures is not limited to adult programming. Many children's TV shows have monsters in them, sometimes in a humorous way. Books and … [Read more...]

Scary Movies: A Generational Perspective

Alien Movie

My son is a huge horror movie fan. Personally, I enjoyed them when I was his age, but as I got older that sudden shock to the heart was not as fun. What I have noticed is that he and his friends take horror flicks and television shows in stride. They are fun and, in many cases, funny - and I am not talking about the Scary movie parodies. I went with him to see Scary Movie 4 and the then-12-year-old had to explain most of the things he found hilarious as I had not seen the movies they were … [Read more...]

Top 13 Horror Movies for Friday the 13th

Top 13 Horror Movies

Mr. Costumes loves to keep the tradition of Halloween scary, both in scary costumes and in indulging in horror films and events. On a night like tonight, Friday the 13th, we like to grab our top picks and settle in for a scary night at home! 1- The Exorcist With head spinning, ceiling crawling action and a ton of green goo, The Exorcist makes a number one pick among horror fans as one of the best horror movies. The original version was released in 1973 and has been haunting us ever … [Read more...]

Mr. Costumes’ Top 10 Zombie Movies

World War Z Movie Poster

World War Z, released June 21st, is based on Max Brooks' World War Z novel of the same name. The story follows UN employee Gerry Lane on his race to cure the virus epidemic. World War Z is just the newest in the list of good zombie movies, but what is the best zombie movie? Here's a zombie movies list that has a touch of humor, gore, and fear. Top 10 Zombie Movies 1. Night of the Living Dead (1968) Night of the Living Dead is perhaps what started the zombie movie genre. George A. Romero's … [Read more...]

Scary Clown Costumes Make for a Historically Spooky Halloween

Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

  Scary clown costumes are no new invention. Many historians argue that the fear of clowns has permeated culture since clowns first arrived in courts as jesters or in France as mimes. Evidence even points to the first appearance of clowns in Egypt as early as 2400 BC! A fear of clowns is so common that it has its own name. While psychologists think the spread of coulrophobia is a recent fad, many people point to historical roots. Clowns are a wide-spread phenomenon in multiple … [Read more...]

Top 5 Evil Clowns – Best Killer Clown Costumes

Evil Killer Clowns

We have compiled the best Top 5 Evil Clowns, Top 5 Best Scary Halloween Costumes (with sweet discounts), and the top 10 best Evil Clown Movies all to continue with the Halloween cheer of this year's Halloween Wars Season Two, which features Killer Clowns in the first episode! What would you design for Halloween Wars with the theme Evil Clown? Evil Clown CostumeAt Mr Costumes, we breathe costumes 24/7 and 365 days a year. We embrace the spirit of Halloween in the sense of fun in transforming! … [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Vampire Killer Slayer Costumes

Vampire Slayer

Halloween Wars-Battle of Vampire Killer Need vampire slayer costume ideas after seeing Halloween Wars Season two "Battle of the Vampire Killer"? Deciding on the perfect heroic killer vampire slayer has confidence and the disconnect of what others think. Vampire Slayer outfits mix rock star essences with the wearable, relaxed fit clothing of the American biker. Choosing the best costume is important when attending a themed Halloween party and isn't always easy to pull off. Remember to stick to … [Read more...]

Popular Costumes for Halloween

Top 6 Halloween Costumes for 2011 With a little under two weeks to go before the big day, the Halloween season is upon us. Because I'm such a costume buff and wear them year round, Halloween becomes a challenge for me since everyone around me is dressed up, too. If you're like me, you want something fresh and unique that will get a lot of attention, something hip and cute at the same time. That's where nifty idea pages come in handy. With Halloween right around the corner, this is the … [Read more...]

Shark Night 3D Turns Scary Movie Into Funny Costumes Opportunity

Shark Night 3D PosterShark Night Less Scary Than Anticipated Critics agree that Shark Night 3D has been, overall, a bust in theaters. What was meant to be a scary movie about sharks attacking unsuspecting campers has become more of a joke in the movie industry. Think Snakes on a Plane, but without snakes and Samuel L. Jackson, and you get Shark Night 3D. While some reviewers of the movie state that the rubber sharks are just too fake looking or that the movie was rated at PG-13 and thus … [Read more...]

Best Scary Costumes for Halloween 2011

Zombie costumes inspire fear  The History of Halloween When you think Halloween, you think fear. Historically, All Hallow's Eve was associated with the festival of the dead, a holiday where evil spirits ran rampant and people feasted on apples, nuts and other goodies in celebration of life. Through time, the tradition has become Halloween where those in costume trick-or-treat for candy. Of course, the lingering effects of the festival of the dead are apparent in costumes as nothing … [Read more...]