Disney Costumes Make Great Teen Costumes

Disney Costumes help to end the challenge in finding the perfect costume for the tween and teen age kids. Disney costumes offer the newest and most popular characters and designs, but without the risque cuts or suggestions of adult costumes. For girls, Disney costumes include the always sweet and sassy Tink, or the trendy Maleficent costume from Sleeping Beauty. Hannah Montana and High School Musical costumes are very popular with this age group, as is the Elizabeth costume from Pirates of … [Read more...]

Renaissance Costumes Take Center Stage at Festivals


Renaissance Costumes keep Renaissance Festivals exciting and popular. Year after year Renaissance Festivals across the country bring in hoards of people excited to see the reenactments of life during medieval and Renaissance periods. Renaissance costumes are worn by performers and attendees alike, as swordplay, jousting, dancing, and singing take place all around. Costumes keep everyone involved and playing their part, and entertainment and authenticity are vital to the festival's role as a … [Read more...]

Fairy Costumes Take Flight with the Help of Pixie Dust


The popularity of Fairy Costumes has increased over the years, with each movie and book released sparking new excitement and mystique. With movies such as Barbie Fairytopia and Thumbelina, fairies attract young girls dreaming of secrets that hide in the sunlight and morning dew. Fairy costumes for kids and toddlers often include shimmer and sparkles, with pretty wings that attach in the back. Colors of soft green, pink, and blue are used in the dresses to reflect the prettiness of the lovely … [Read more...]

Baby Costumes in Family Portraits


Family portraits are taken to share the joys of a new baby, and often use props ranging from farms and pink pigs to trucks or dolls. Props always improve the appeal of a family portrait, although one of the greatest props for baby is always a Baby Costume. Dressing your newest addition in a cute baby costume helps to draw attention to your baby, as well as speak volumes as to the family dynamics. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and with baby costumes that has never … [Read more...]

Disney Costumes and Disney World Vacations


Disney Costumes can be worn on your Disney World vacations! For those of you who may be planning and packing for your first family vacation to Disney World, do not forget to pack your Disney costumes for your kids! Whichever character your child is most in love with makes the best costume to pack, because your kids just might draw the attention of their favorite Disney character. For anyone who has ever visited Disney World, there are stories of little girls who get extra attention for being … [Read more...]

Toddler Halloween Costumes Stretch Your Dollar!

With everyone looking to stretch the dollar and live a more frugal lifestyle, Toddler Halloween Costumes offer a surprising opportunity for money savings! Toddlers are creative and imaginative characters by nature, and most parents can agree that toddler Halloween costumes get worn long after October 31st. Toddler costumes double as great birthday gifts, Christmas presents, party costumes and more! Little girls love to twirl and dance day after day pretending to be Cinderella and Tinkerbell, … [Read more...]

Disney Costumes for Summer Play

Summer is quickly approaching, promising hot days and summer fun. With kids having all day to play and keep themselves occupied, we suggest using Disney Costumes as a great distraction from the heat and hours of free time. Disney costumes can be used in fun dress up games, and little kids always love to put on plays and skits. Keep kids busy with a large pile of costumes, offering multiple character possibilities and themes. Older kids can have fun dressing up as well, and tending to younger … [Read more...]

5 Really Cute Baby Costumes


Good day everyone! As spring is in full swing and with summer just around the corner you typically see a lot of new babies being born. With that in mind, you'll also be seeing a lot of parents celebrating their babies first Halloween. In this day and age you can hardly find a parent that doesn't want to dress up their little one in something cute, and we have the remedy for you. Mr Costumes has a huge selection of baby costumes, and I want to draw your attention to 5 of my favorites. No 1) … [Read more...]