Peter Pan Halloween Costumes


Boys Peter Pan Costume The adventures begin with Peter Pan Halloween costumes! Welcome to Neverland! Tinkerbell and the gang will be awaiting your return. Peter Pan costumes are great entertainment for adults and children! They offer a sense of adventure like no other while allowing you to fight off the evil Captain Hook. Peter Pan is a mischievous boy who refuses to magically grow up, he is also the leader of the Lost Boys. The excitement starts in Neverland; with all the mermaids, Indians, … [Read more...]

Making a Splash in Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Kids Ariel Mermaid Costume Mermaid costumes are an unforgettable look for Halloween. Princess Ariel made way for mermaid costumes with her way of enticing every little girl into the world of magical and sea bound fun. The idea of swimming under the ocean with the fish, dolphins, and even sharks is exciting and keeps imaginations flowing like crazy among young girls. Then to take the next step, moving from mermaid status to walking ashore to be welcomed into the life of a studly prince to live … [Read more...]

Take Dorothy Costumes Down the Yellow Brick Road


Sexy Dorothy Costume Dorothy costumes can make your trip to Oz more exciting than ever. Strolling down the yellow brick road in a sassy Dorothy costume, with short dress, blue plaid design, and infamous ruby slippers can spice up the company tagging along for sure. Dorothy costumes are a great way to get noticed at the big bash this year. Her innocent appeal mixed with a sassy dress will turn more than one head for sure. The trip will definitely be more exciting than ever when sexy little … [Read more...]

Toy Story Costumes Rocks the Box Office

Toy Story 3 - Jessie, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Gang Toy Story 3 opened nationwide June 18th, and rocked the box office. Toy Story 3 brought in over $109 million during its opening weekend, making it Pixar's most successful opening weekend so far. The long awaited animated Pixar flick brought Andy's toys on a new adventure - one that lead them straight to Sunnyside Daycare. Toy Story Costumes Tom Hanks returned to reprise his role as the brave and heroic Woody, with Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, … [Read more...]

Halloween Spiderman Costumes


p>The allurement of a Spiderman costume to kids is like women with shoes. The fascination is too much to handle at times. Every little boy has a desire to be Spiderman on Halloween as he makes his way through the streets from door to door. Baby Spiderman Costume Babies can crawl around the room on all fours pretending to be the sneaky little spider superhero that saves the day all around the city. His special ability to spin webs and climb up buildings will show more and more as he … [Read more...]

Halloween Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes are favored by everyone of all ages. Pirates are introduced to us at an early age and stay with us for life. Pirate costumes make for the best memories and capture some of the best pictures. Like us, pirates have a code of conduct that they have to follow, breaking the rules will end with a severe punishment. Stay true to their codes and live forever at seas as a pirate. Baby Pirate Pirate costumes bring great imagination to children. Your child will spend countless hours in … [Read more...]

Halloween Sailor Costumes


Sailor Halloween costumes are a huge hit and a party must have. Sailor costumes are fun for exploring and offer entertainment for the whole family. Sailor costumes are adored by children. Children learn about sailors at an early age and are fascinated by the phenomenal Popeye. Have your child explore the open sea and fight off those pesky pirates in a sailor costume. Let their imagination run free and wild as a heroic sailor. Boys Sailor Costume Sea Sweetie Sailor Costume Sailor Halloween … [Read more...]

Cheerleader Costumes – Hip Hip Hooray!


Girls Cheerleader Costume Cheerleader costumes are always a big hit on Halloween. From little girls dying to be part of the cheerleading squad to the adults wanting to take that step back into a sexy and flirty cheerleader costume, cheerleaders are everywhere when the night of Halloween arrives. All the little girls in the house will be out in the yard practicing splits and cartwheels as they shake their pom poms and cheer. Cheerleader costumes for kids are a great way to get them into a … [Read more...]

Tuesday For Tots


I thought I'd share some of the cutest baby costumes we carry as well as some other goodies from around the social web. Mr Costumes carries a huge selection of the most adorable toddler costumes you can find on the planet. The family loves a newborns first Halloween, and no one will forget those cute pictures everyone likes to see of your young one all dressed up. Our selection should make any parent happy, especially when they see the prices on most of these baby costumes. For what you get, … [Read more...]

Disney Costumes at Christmas

Disney Costumes are always a great gift for birthdays and Christmas, especially for little girls. The Disney brand thrives during the Christmas shopping season, from Disney dolls to books, movies, and clothes. Disney wrapping paper, ornaments, and even ribbons are available at every store from FAO Schwartz to the Dollar Tree. Disney theme parks also benefit from the Christmas season. Every year families flock to Disney Wold to spend Christmas vacation, and Disney is dressed to impress. Here … [Read more...]