Perfect Michael Jackson Costumes


Michael Jackson costumes have a look of their own, just like the pop sensation did. Michael Jackson was more than just a musical icon. He was an absolutely phenomenal entertainer, dancer, and defined style in a way no man could ever touch. Fashion conformed to Michael! Kids Michael Jackson Thriller Costume Michael Jackson Thriller costumes are his most famous and sought after look. The top selling album and attractive yet unique apparel that tied to it marked a place in music and fashion … [Read more...]

Elvis Presley Costumes: King of Rock and Roll


Grand Heritage Elvis Costume Elvis Presley Costumes are sure to get you noticed at all the parties. The King of Rock and Roll, a man that women idolized and worshiped, and the man that men envied and wished they were. Elvis Presley costumes will get you all the attention you need and deserve as you walk in. A little less conversation, a little more action is what the ladies will be singing. With an authentic Elvis Presley Costume, silky black hair, and with all the right hip action you will be … [Read more...]

Halloween Elvis Presley Costumes


An Elvis Presley Halloween costume is a rocking way to get every eye in the room focused on you. The King of Rock and Roll has always had a fashion sense that no one could begin to put to shame. Elvis Presley had a unique taste in clothing that kept him noticed just as much as his incredible voice and dance moves. No one could ever compare to the work of Elvis Presley. Having your fun on this year in an Elvis Presley Halloween costume will make you just as untouchable as the King … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes Include Dog the Bounty Hunter


Plus Size Costumes offer most of the same funny and popular themes as their smaller costume counterparts, including characters such as Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter. For most people, trying to create a homemade Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter costume could prove quite difficult. The lure of the reality show is mostly based off the unique lifestyle of Dog and his family, and his career choice. Most adults don't have black leather vests and short black mini skirts just hanging in the closet, and … [Read more...]