Renaissance Costumes Take Center Stage at Festivals


Renaissance Costumes keep Renaissance Festivals exciting and popular. Year after year Renaissance Festivals across the country bring in hoards of people excited to see the reenactments of life during medieval and Renaissance periods. Renaissance costumes are worn by performers and attendees alike, as swordplay, jousting, dancing, and singing take place all around. Costumes keep everyone involved and playing their part, and entertainment and authenticity are vital to the festival's role as a … [Read more...]

Will Watchmen Costumes Be Among This Year’s Most Coveted Superhero Disguises?

Watchmen is the superhero movie attracting audiences of all ages with its exciting, fast paced trailer previews and enticing story line. Based off the DC Comics graphic novel of the late 1980’s, Watchmen depicts the lives of superheroes living in a world that no longer accepts them. Together, the Watchmen form a powerful, fierce team of humans who possess strength, speed, and skill far beyond normal men. The characters of Watchmen include Silk Spectre II, Nite Owl, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias … [Read more...]

Mr. Costumes Sponsors KKNG 93.3FM King Country’s Annual Halloween Party at Toby Keith’s Restaurant (Oklahoma City, OK)

That's right! On Monday, October 13th, Aaron of will be on-air with Lynn, Bill and KC at 8:40AM CT (9:40AM ET) during their morning show to announce Mr. Costumes' sponsorship of this year's annual KKNG 93.3FM Listener's Halloween Party at Toby Keith's Restaurant in Oklahoma City, OK. Mr. Costumes is proud to be the official costume supplier for this year’s event and is extending a special offer to KKNG listeners in celebration of Halloween and the Listener Party. From now … [Read more...]

Dress Up as a Group this Halloween Season

Are you attending a costume party with a group this year? Instead of scrambling to all come up with your own costume ideas, why not dress up coordinated together. It may seem difficult, but once you pick a theme; it really is easier for everyone to just pick a costume. Following are some ideas for themes that work well for groups: The Wizard of Oz - at a minimum, 4 people should dress up in the parts of the main characters but as many as 10 or more could also be witches, munchkins, or flying … [Read more...]

Turn Mundane into Exciting with Sexy Costumes

Have you ever spent all day cleaning your house to have your partner arrive home and not say a word about how nice everything looks? I’m not sure you can change that behavior, but I do think he will say how nice you look if you are wearing a sexy maid costume when he arrives home. You could plan on a nice night out after that homecoming! There are many options to choose from if you want to spice up your relationship with a sexy costume. The first step to sexy dressing is to determine what … [Read more...]