Spooky Halloween Dessert Ideas


Halloween will be here before we know it. What Halloween food will you be serving at your parties this year? The best accessories for your spook-tacular night go beyond themed Halloween lights, decorations, and fun costume contests - they include spooky Halloween foods! Below we will give you some yummiest and most creative Halloween dessert ideas. Serve these at school parties, to trick-or-treaters, or at your own Halloween party. Kids and adults alike will be drooling over these sweet … [Read more...]

Dracula Inspired Vampire Costumes: Not for the Faint of Heart

Vampire Costumes

With the recent release of Dracula, Untold and a plot that promises to explore the origin of Dracula while weaving vampire mythology into the true history of Prince Vlad, the Impaler, we thought we’d take a look into the infamous 15th century Prince of Wallachia (now Romania) who inspired Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic tale of a blood thirsty monster and the subsequent versions to follow. Vampires have been vilified, romanticized and even touted as heroic at times, but no Dracula movie, … [Read more...]

Zombie Makeup Ideas for the Living Dead Look


The Walking Dead has made zombies more popular than ever before. But how do you get that undead look for Halloween? It is not as hard as you might imagine. You can create a scary zombie look by using one of the zombie makeup kits available at Mr. Costumes, or with some simple household items. Below we will give you some ideas on how to do zombie makeup. The Ultimate Zombie Look To do your own zombie makeup, you will need: makeup sponge pale foundation dark eyeliners various … [Read more...]

Pin to Win $100 at Mr. Costumes!

costumes, Halloween

How fun is this?! We have just launched our very first Pin It to Win It! contest and we are having a blast interacting with all of our amazing followers! If you're on Pinterest you'll love how simple and easy this contest is, plus you'll discover great new costumes just in time for Halloween! Just follow our easy steps below and you're on your way to becoming one of 3 lucky winners who will receive a $100 shopping spree to mrcostumes.com! The Rules are Simple: Go to our Contest … [Read more...]

Gotham’s Greatest Heroes and Villians

Gotham City

Everyone knows Gotham, the dark and foreboding metropolis teeming with insidious crime. But what we don’t know is why. Why does a city become corrupt to the point that heroes feel the need to wear masks? What makes a town become riddled with chaos and full of fear? Tonight’s premiere of Gotham on FOX hopes to shed light on these unanswered questions. We’ll take a journey through Gotham City as it was before it became what we know today. Find out how the up and coming Commissioner … [Read more...]

The Best Pumpkins, Scarecrow Costumes and Crafts

Best Pumpkins, Scarecrow Costumes and Crafts

Halloween isn't complete without pumpkins and scarecrows haunting front porches and lawns. With Halloween only a month away, it's time to find the best pumpkin and scarecrow costumes, crafts, recipes, and more to begin the celebration of this spooky fall holiday. Best Pumpkin Costume Festive pumpkin costumes are cute for kids and adults alike. The award for best pumpkin costume goes to this adorable baby costume, which is great for baby's first Halloween. Make it memorable with Halloween … [Read more...]

DC Comics Wonder Woman Through The Years

DC Comics Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess, a super hero and a poster woman for feminism. She was created in 1941 by William Marston, a Harvard graduated psychologist as a type of psychological propaganda for the new type of woman, who he believed should rule the world. Her fight for peace, justice and truth has certainly propelled her to rule the comic book world as the strongest female super hero we have ever encountered and with a full package of brains, brawn and beauty, she doesn't disappoint. Not … [Read more...]

Myths and History of Halloween from the Celts to Today


Halloween Costumes, carving the Jack O'Lantern, and trick-or-treating are all part of the fantastic celebration of Halloween, but what does it all mean? Most people understand the History of Halloween includes superstitions and fear of the dead, but even those superstitions had a beginning. Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and Beggars Night originated as the festival of Samhain among the Celts of ancient Britain and Ireland. Traditional activities include trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume … [Read more...]

Halloween Safety: Ghosts and Goblins Are Out – Are You Ready?


There is hardly a soul on earth who doesn't enjoy Halloween! Halloween can be one of the most fun nights of the whole year, and there is no greater feeling than seeing your child all dressed up in their costumes . Whether you enjoy getting all dressed up for a costume party, going trick or treating with the kids or staying at home passing out candy to little vampires and faires, there is one thought that should always be in your mind - Safety. The sheer emotion and thrill of getting that bag … [Read more...]

What Costume Size Should I Buy?

Clown Header Costume Size

Halloween Costumes are fun and provide the perfect opportunity to express your dark side, flaunt your alter ego, or explore secret wishes. Whether you have a daughter dreaming of twirling around in a Frozen Elsa dress, a son dead set on a Zombie costume fit for The Walking Dead or a teen anticipating a blood tingling Vampire Diaries ensemble, you need a costume that satisfies your expectations in quality and fits properly. You will find sizing charts like the one shown below on all of our … [Read more...]