Bug Costumes are Exterminating the Competition

Mother and Daughter in Bumble bee costumesMother and Daughter in Bumble Bee Costumes

Bumble bee and ladybug costumes have taken the thought away from bugs being so pesky. These adorable creatures have turned into some of the best selling costume ideas among girls and women of all ages. Exterminating the competition is easy in adorable bug costumes.

A tiny bumble bee knocking on your door asking for candy on Halloween is too cute to refuse. Bumble bee costumes have an innocent elegance to them with yellow and black stripes and tiny little wings. Antennae and daisies usually compliment these already irresistible costumes. Buzzing around the party as a kid or adult in a bumble bee costume will surely out do any of the other costume fads among the crowd.

Ladybug costumes have red and black accents that compliment all the inner beauty and gentle nature of the girl wearing it. The red and black dresses with frilly skirts and polka dot design are attractive and can be worn again and again. Wings and antennae complete the ladybug costume while adding style and design. Kids love ladybug costumes because they can wear them all year for play time and explore the world of imaginative play. Women love the sexy ladybug costume look that screams of innocence while putting their flirty side out there as well.

Sexy Ladybug CostumeSexy Ladybug Costume

Adorable bug costumes dominate the costume world and especially among the little ones. Every little swarming kiddo you have will want to be a part of the ladybug and bumble bee costume experience this year. Mommy, have fun and dress up to play too!

baby Ladybug costumeBaby Ladybug Costume