Bone Yard FX- For a Real Hollywood Halloween

I found a great website for those looking for a movie-quality Halloween mask at a very affordable price, called They cater their service to the professional TV and movie productions in Hollywood , but they also bring the same quality to you. While they offer a few full-head latex masks, they specialize in “face prosthetics” called “FX Faces“. For those not familiar with the world of Hollywood make-up and special effects, let me fill you in on what that means. “Face prosthetics” are soft foam latex pieces that are glued directly to your skin (note this is special glue for your skin, not superglue…) This makes the mask is part of your face, not just sitting in front or over it. This means the mask moves with your facial expressions and mouth, giving you a real movie-like effect. Another advantage is that since it conforms to your face, it gives you the same breathability as you have without a mask, which also keeps your head much cooler than you’d expect.

When you take a look at their photo galleries you can see how professional they appear, you might be worried you won’t be able to do it at home. They provide instructions for people with no make-up training and as long as you put aside enough time to get ready, you too can look like a real Hollywood monster. Most of their face prosthetics are shipped uncoloured, meaning you get to paint your mask to your own style, making your design truly unique and ensures you stand out from the crowd. You may think that these masks are a one-time use, but as long as you treat your prosthetics with care, they can be used around six times. Some customers have used their mask over thirty times!

All of Bone Yard FX’s face prosthetics and masks are designed and hand-made by their make-up studio in Los Angeles, giving you the same quality as their Hollywood clients. Make sure to check their online store if you’re looking to take your costume to the next level.

Check out the two videos below, the first shows how life-life an FX Face is and the second shows how easy it is to remove after.