Best Scary Costumes for Halloween 2011

Zombie costumes inspire fear

The History of Halloween

When you think Halloween, you think fear. Historically, All Hallow’s Eve was associated with the festival of the dead, a holiday where evil spirits ran rampant and people feasted on apples, nuts and other goodies in celebration of life.

Through time, the tradition has become Halloween where those in costume trick-or-treat for candy. Of course, the lingering effects of the festival of the dead are apparent in costumes as nothing is more popular at a party than scary Halloween costumes.

Scary Costumes Are Perfect for Halloween

To help in costume selection, check out this great video. Just be warned – it’s not for the faint of heart!

Put Fear Back Into Halloween

A little spice of fear helps everyone feel alive. Scary movies and haunted houses are popular because they inspire fear. Scary costumes, in particular the popular zombie costumes, help all get into the Halloween spirit.

This Halloween, return to the tradition of All Hallow’s Eve with scary costumes.