Baby Costume Pictures Speak Volumes

Baby Costumes are always a blast to dress new babies in. Parents always get such a thrill buying their baby his or her first Halloween costume and dressing their little peanut for the evening. I travelled far and wide to snatch the cutest baby costume pictures I could find (ok, I travelled to Flickr) so that I could post and share a smile with everyone.

Choose a soft and cuddly baby costume and pull out the stroller. Everyone loves seeing a baby in costume, and MrCostumes loves pictures! If you have any pictures of your baby in costume, please send them in, or post to the MrCostumes Facebook page!

Keep in mind that babies need to be protected from the cold weather, so choose a costume that leaves room for layers if needed, but is not so loose that your newborn can become lost in the material. Newborns will be able to sleep soundly in a bunting costume, and many costumes include hoods for picture-perfect memories.


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