Creepy Caledonia Haunt In Ontario


I'm so excited to see Halloween poking its head around the corner. The air is getting crisper at night, we're losing around 3 minutes of daylight every day and the horror movies are coming out soon. I ran across another trulely terrifying haunt, but this time we're going to head out to Ontario Canada. There you will find the one and only Creepy Caledonia which is the best haunt on the eastern half of Canada. I was sad to see not as many haunts every Halloween in Canada as there are in the … [Read more...]

Ocean Beach Dog Costume Parade

Well I've had my head wrapped around Halloween Costumes for humans, I've forgotten about the hilarious and cute dog costumes out there. Every year in the small town of Ocean Beach, San Diego, there is there annual dog costume parade for Halloween. For such a small quiet beach community the last few annual dog costume parades have seen big turnouts, and here at Mr Costume's we're happy to spread the good word. None of the dog owners matched costumes with their dog, but we'll forgive them just … [Read more...]

Heath Ledger Fan Tribute For The Joker


The latest Dark Knight movie was one of the most entertaining movies out in a long while, and of course some of the finest acting seen in a long while as well. There hasn't been a whole lot of acting talent shining bright in Hollywood except for the late Heath Ledger. His performance as the Joker was riveting and had me feeling a little uneasy during every scene. We were pleased to see that one of the hottest Halloween Costumes out this year was The Joker Costume. We decided to set out and … [Read more...]

The Myers House – North Carolina


Have you ever had a child hood obsession that you could just not let go of as an adult? I'm not talking about the likes of baseball cards or stamps here folks, I'm talking about hard core obsessions. About The Myers House North Carolina A man by the name Kenny Caperton in North Carolina had an obsession, only his was with John Carpenter's classic horror flick Halloween. He was such a huge fan of Michael Myers from Halloween that when he finally decided to make the plunge and build a house he … [Read more...]

5 Really Cute Baby Costumes


Good day everyone! As spring is in full swing and with summer just around the corner you typically see a lot of new babies being born. With that in mind, you'll also be seeing a lot of parents celebrating their babies first Halloween. In this day and age you can hardly find a parent that doesn't want to dress up their little one in something cute, and we have the remedy for you. Mr Costumes has a huge selection of baby costumes, and I want to draw your attention to 5 of my favorites. No 1) … [Read more...]

Scavenger Hunts For Halloween


Every year Halloween comes and kids and parents from around the World suit up and head off into the night. Halloween for some isn't just a one night candy hunt out in the neighborhood, for some the whole month of October is filled with ghoulish festivities. I have my own childhood memories of the fun Halloween brought me and I wanted to share a cool way of making sure your children have some of their own as well. There are a handful of awesome group activities that you can setup as a family, … [Read more...]