New Mad Hatter Costumes from Alice in Wonderland

Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter

It is no surprise that costumes from the story Alice in Wonderland are among the most popular year after year. With numerous new designs and a ton of interesting characters from Alice to the Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland costumes can be creepy, sexy, or downright mad. The Mad Hatter, for instance, has some of the most potential for a great Halloween costume. Between the history of the Mad Hatter to his most popular adaptions in culture, consider slipping into madness this … [Read more...]

Scary Clown Costumes Make for a Historically Spooky Halloween

Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

  Scary clown costumes are no new invention. Many historians argue that the fear of clowns has permeated culture since clowns first arrived in courts as jesters or in France as mimes. Evidence even points to the first appearance of clowns in Egypt as early as 2400 BC! A fear of clowns is so common that it has its own name. While psychologists think the spread of coulrophobia is a recent fad, many people point to historical roots. Clowns are a wide-spread phenomenon in multiple … [Read more...]

The New Amazing Spiderman Costumes

Spiderman Poster of Costume

Spiderman Costumes Swing Into Popularity for 2012 Halloween is a little over a month away, and with big hitting movies packing our summer full of action, it's quite clear what will be the most popular theme: the superhero costume. But whether you're solidly in Camp Avengers or a fan of the Dark Knight, fans can all agree that The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and the new Spiderman movie costume was one of the big surprise hits. If you're still on the fence about who you're dressing up as for … [Read more...]

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume Revealed


Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume The Dark Knight Rises in July July 20th marks the release of Christopher Nolan's final movie in the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. While speculation on the film's plot is still ongoing, the costumes in the movie have finally been revealed, including the fan favorite Catwoman portrayed by Anne Hathaway. With many Catwoman designs in the past, such as Michelle Pfeiffer's popular scrappy outfit in Tim Burton's Batman Returns and Halle Berry's revealing … [Read more...]

Celebrity Death Pool Sees the Famous in Zombie Costumes


The celebrity death pool is an annual tradition, and since it's just the end of March, we still have plenty of year left in which to die. Whitney Houston has already passed, but it got us thinking: Who else will bite the dust in 2012? Here's a countdown of our top ten expected to die in 2012 and a peek into what these celebrities would look like as zombies. It's not hard to imagine since many of these famous celebs dress like they're wearing zombie costumes every day. Lady Gaga … [Read more...]

Fans Wear Official Star Wars Costumes to Star Wars Re-release

Star Wars Darth Maul CostumeFebruary 10th was the official date of the Star Wars Episode I re-release, and like all passionate nerds that weekend, the 501st and I appeared at our local theater in official Star Wars costumes to watch the 3D movie. My local event at the Mall of Georgia, at which adults and children alike dressed in Star Wars costumes, included face painting for the young ones and photo opportunities with some of the great Star Wars characters. Star Wars Re-Release … [Read more...]

Teen Titans and Superman Artist Eduardo Barreto Passes

Eduardo Barreto's Inks in BatmanLoss of an Artist It has been a truly blue December for comic enthusiasts. With the deaths of Joe Simon and Jerry Robinson within a week of each other, fans never expected another great name to be taken from them so soon. On December 15th, Eduardo Barreto (57) passed away, leaving behind a legacy of art, stories, and an industry working family who will miss him dearly. Eduardo Barreto hailed from Uruguay and quickly became one of the big names in America as … [Read more...]

Cheerleader Costumes Preppy, Scary, and Sexy


Sexy Gotta Score Cheerleader CostumeCheerleader Costumes for Spirit and Pep Cheerleader costumes are versatile as they're perfect for any occasion. Since cheerleaders are sporty, sexy, and sometimes scary, the costume can be used in three different ways that are all perfect for the current season. Whether rooting for your home team in a cheerleader uniform, having some fun in the bedroom with your football player, or raising the living dead with a zombie cheerleader, a cheerleader costume is … [Read more...]

Gypsy Costumes Foretell a Playful Future


Gypsy CaravanGypsies Enchant Halloween With bright colors, waving scarves, and numerous patterns, gypsy costumes draw eyes to any wearer. The gypsy theme has become a popular target of media attention with shows such as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and reports that include the Romani people. Because gypsies are such diverse people, dressing as them for Halloween becomes intriguing, original, and fun. Traditional Romani ClothesOrigin of the Gypsy Costume Most of the Romani people are … [Read more...]

Pirate Costumes Abound During Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day So what did you do for International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Like many of you, I put on my pantaloons one leg at a time and got ready to spend a day at the office typing on my very own pirate keyboard. RRR - Pirate KeyboardOf course, I wasn't about to go anywhere without my pirate costume, and it seemed that many of my friends were with me. Pirate costumes adorned social media sites of all types as people around the world donned their tricorn hats … [Read more...]