Gotham’s Greatest Heroes and Villians

Gotham City

Everyone knows Gotham, the dark and foreboding metropolis teeming with insidious crime. But what we don’t know is why. Why does a city become corrupt to the point that heroes feel the need to wear masks? What makes a town become riddled with chaos and full of fear? Tonight’s premiere of Gotham on FOX hopes to shed light on these unanswered questions. We’ll take a journey through Gotham City as it was before it became what we know today. Find out how the up and coming Commissioner … [Read more...]

DC Comics Wonder Woman Through The Years

DC Comics Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess, a super hero and a poster woman for feminism. She was created in 1941 by William Marston, a Harvard graduated psychologist as a type of psychological propaganda for the new type of woman, who he believed should rule the world. Her fight for peace, justice and truth has certainly propelled her to rule the comic book world as the strongest female super hero we have ever encountered and with a full package of brains, brawn and beauty, she doesn't disappoint. Not … [Read more...]

What Costume Size Should I Buy?

Clown Header Costume Size

Halloween Costumes are fun and provide the perfect opportunity to express your dark side, flaunt your alter ego, or explore secret wishes. Whether you have a daughter dreaming of twirling around in a Frozen Elsa dress, a son dead set on a Zombie costume fit for The Walking Dead or a teen anticipating a blood tingling Vampire Diaries ensemble, you need a costume that satisfies your expectations in quality and fits properly. You will find sizing charts like the one shown below on all of our … [Read more...]