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Holly secretly works behind the scenes, loving facts, research, costumes and parties. When not editing content, Holly spends her days playing outside and her nights watching movies. Like all great costume lovers, Holly is a ridiculous movie fan. Google+

Mr. Costumes’ Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

Mr. Costumes is building Halloween costume excitement early with a costume contest offering $1,000’s in prizes! Simply submit your favorite pictures of you or your loved ones in costume, and share with your friends to encourage lots of voting. Each week a winner is selected to receive $100 gift certificate towards, and every entry is qualified to win the grand prize: an Apple iPad! Quick Costume Contest Facts: Upload images from Instagram or your computer in … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Halloween

Baby First Halloween

Make your baby's first Halloween memorable with Mr. Costumes' selection of the cutest baby costumes for newborns. If your newborn is still a tiny little nugget, choose from cute baby bunting costumes like our Bunting Football Baby Costume or Lil' Guppy. In celebration of baby's everywhere, use coupon code FREESHIP50 and receive Free Shipping off orders over $50. For little toddlers, puppy and monster costumes are favorites, as well as Buzz Lightyear. Selection at Mr. Costumes includes … [Read more...]

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day Costumes

Talk Like a Pirate Celebrations Ahoy, matey! It's the 10th anniversary of, and just one day away from the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated this September 19, 2012. If you're thinking about having a fun pirate themed get together, make sure it's in the proper theme. No land lubbers are allowed to truly celebrate like a pirate, so make sure to take everything into account from pirate foods to games and authentic pirate costumes, or risk walking the plank. Eat Like a … [Read more...]

Annual Halloween Costume Day at Mr. Costumes

Mr. Costumes Group Photo (Quite a few MIA) Mr. Costumes not only enjoys offering the best in Halloween costumes to the country, but we also enjoy wearing costumes to work! Enjoy some pics captured of the staff dressed in play for our annual Costume Day. For more pictures of employees in costume, visit our Facebook album and Flickr pages! 80's Video Rap Star Costume Batgirl Costumes Skeleton Costumes Astronaut Costumes Womens Pirate Costumes Cleaoptra Costumes Oktoberfest … [Read more...]

Red Riding Hood Costumes Hit Theatres

Sexy Little Red My first Red Riding Hood costume Red Hot Riding Hood Divine Miss Red by Leg Avenue … [Read more...]

10 Best Halloween Costumes

It's finally here - Halloween costume season! While I get to try costumes on all year, learning which costumes feel the softest, include the most accessories, or have the most realistic looking faux suede, most people only think about costumes in October, and only get a single opportunity to dress up and show off. I have personally signed up for Halloween kickball, to attend a costume birthday party, and to hit up the night clubs in the hopes of winning a cash prize for the best costume. I have … [Read more...]

Toy Story Costumes Rocks the Box Office

Toy Story 3 - Jessie, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Gang Toy Story 3 opened nationwide June 18th, and rocked the box office. Toy Story 3 brought in over $109 million during its opening weekend, making it Pixar's most successful opening weekend so far. The long awaited animated Pixar flick brought Andy's toys on a new adventure - one that lead them straight to Sunnyside Daycare. Toy Story Costumes Tom Hanks returned to reprise his role as the brave and heroic Woody, with Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, … [Read more...]

Show Off Gothic Vampire Costumes


Gothic vampire costumes are a bloody fun way to dress any time of the year. Aside from being some of the most authentic vampire costumes, Gothic vampire costumes are also extremely popular. Building on fashions from the Victorian and Elizabethan eras, Gothic vampire costumes often include lace, velvet, long skirts and coats, and fishnets, and silver jewelry. Fashions from the late Victorian era are popular in realistic vampire costumes because that is the time period when the vampire hysteria … [Read more...]

1920s Costumes Include Gangster Girls and Flapper Dresses


1920's costumes are as hot as ever, and celebrate the romanticized era of the roaring 20s. From prohibition and speakeasies to automobiles and radios, the roaring 20s marked a pivotal generation of consumerism, excitement, luxury, and discontinuity. Prohibition gave way to organized crime and later the Italian mafia and other gang outfits. Gangster costumes are designed after the gangsters of the 20's, with pinstripes and fedoras. Sexy gangster costumes give a heart stopping sexy twist to a … [Read more...]

Avatar Costumes Expected to Fly

Avatar Costumes Avatar costumes are anticipated to be the most popular costumes for 2010. It is not a surprise, given the powerful storyline of Avatar and amazing digital effects that were used to create the unique look of the Na'vi clan. With Avatar now being the top grossing movie of all time, Avatar movie costumes will fly, and demand is going to be higher than supply. Avatar is a movie based on the American attempt to gather riches from beneath the lifeline of the Na'vi people. To do … [Read more...]