US Halloween Parades in Alabama 2012

cool halloween

Alabama parades for 2012 put childrens' safety first, focus on betterment of community, and are just pure haunting fun for everyone! We have a huge list of Halloween Parades in Alabama that vary from a large family style Mardi Gras, Ghosts, Ghouls, Monsters, Zombies, Vampires to Gagas parading and celebrating in grand Halloween style to the small school level events held for the toddlers and elementary school children. Baby costumes are always cute and many of the Halloween Parades in … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Alaska 2012

The Gateway to Hell in Alaska?

Halloween Parades in Alaska are more creative, as it gets really, really cold in Alaska (Oh Really, you ask!?!) Okay, seriously - the cold and the weather can be sunny, snowy, rainy, ice storms and sometimes all in one day. So we all know it can get below single digits, so Alaska's Halloween Parades are generally done indoors. Libraries, schools and social organizations make arrangements for the small children, while the adults have a tendency to forego parades and just stay inside warm bars … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in West Virginia – 2012

Asylum Haunted Ball & Costume Contest

For a small state, West Virginia may actually offer the coolest options for Halloween Parades. What other state offers events in a prison and a mental institution? Where else did the Hatfields and McCoys bring feuding to an art form? Halloween means different things to people, but it's also a holiday that's celebrated in ways that reflect America's regional diversity, customs, and cultures. Insane or Criminal: West Virginia Offers It All The slogan for the state has varied from "open for … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Iowa – 2012

13 Stairs Cemetery Palo Iowa

Halloween Parades in Iowa are as festive as the list of Iowa slogans makes for an interesting possible Halloween tie in - "Life Changing" and  "Fields of Opportunities" are the current ones, while the older "You make me smile" and "Is this heaven?" could be used during Halloween events in the state. At any time except Halloween, Iowa's nickname of the "American Heartland" has a normal meaning, but during this holiday, the heart takes on a different meaning and monsters come out in search for … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Oklahoma 2012

Spooky Insane Asylum Party

Halloween parades in Oklahoma must all have Cowboys, Outlaws and Indian costumes - though it's not a law - but Outlaws could be part of the state's rules given the Oklahoma slogan "Native America." But its earlier slogan of "We Love Dreamers" may be better suited to selecting a cool Halloween costume. The state hosts numerous events for younger children but includes enough adult activities to offer a great Halloween for all ages. This Parade By Any Name Is Still Wild The Ghouls Gone Wild … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in South Carolina – 2012

Smiling Halloween Faces by

Halloween Parades in South Carolina are wondrous, magical, bone chilling, controversial and full of sweet goodies and surprises! While "Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places" may be the slogan for South Carolina, that is definitely not what you will see throughout the state during Halloween - unless it is of the proud parents, grandparents and friends watching their children have fun dressed up in their Halloween costumes and going to one of the exciting Halloween parades in South … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Arkansas – 2012


Halloween Parades in Arkansas start with their beloved Bill Clinton and end with some true community Halloween spirit of "Come One, Come All"! President Bill Clinton may be Arkansas's favorite son, but he is also one the most popular Halloween costumes for many years. With the presidential elections right around the corner, Bill and Hillary masks have made it into the top 50 Best Couples Costumes this Halloween. The Clintons are always a hot topic, but the popular superheroes may beat his … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Montana – 2012


Time for Halloween parades in Montana, Here you will find many events that are as spread out and varied as the "Big Sky" state name suggests. There are parades for dogs - even for specifically the Queen of England's favorite Corgi - and one restricted to under 2 years, as well as those for all other ages. Montana has a rich background in stories and the lives of the early settlers, cowboys and Indians. The terrain of Montana makes the life of a wranglers the epitome of the American cowboys. … [Read more...]