Top Ten Movies With Toga Costumes

Toga Costumes in Movies

The popularity of toga costumes go beyond Halloween to movies and Greek college life. With Angela Jolie set to play Cleopatra and the next 300 movie scheduled for a 2014 release, togas could be added to many people's wardrobe as a classic costume. To honor this timelessly popular attire, we have gathered the top ten movies that feature the toga. 10. Ulysses The first of the two Kirk Douglas films that made the list (he made a number of others wearing togas), this movie is the Greek … [Read more...]

Scary Kids Costumes to Make Them Scream

Scary Kids Costumes

While many children love dressing up in Disney or Nickelodeon costumes, this year you may be seeing a lot of zombies shuffling in front of your door with scary kids costumes. The popularity of The Walking Dead and zombie movies like World War Z has both adults and children running to get living dead costumes. But the popularity of zombies and other scary creatures is not limited to adult programming. Many children's TV shows have monsters in them, sometimes in a humorous way. Books and … [Read more...]

The Great Gatsby Inspires Flapper Costumes

The Rise in Flapper Costumes

Flapper costumes are making a major comeback this year. Fueled by the popularity of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Great Gatsby, expect to see females of all ages dancing in dresses from the era of affluence at this year's Halloween parties. The Rising Popularity of Flapper Costumes Fashion runways have seen many noted designers using the era as inspiration for their dresses this year. This has carried over to planned costume selections for this year's Halloween. Both men and women will … [Read more...]

Scary Movies: A Generational Perspective

Alien Movie

My son is a huge horror movie fan. Personally, I enjoyed them when I was his age, but as I got older that sudden shock to the heart was not as fun. What I have noticed is that he and his friends take horror flicks and television shows in stride. They are fun and, in many cases, funny - and I am not talking about the Scary movie parodies. I went with him to see Scary Movie 4 and the then-12-year-old had to explain most of the things he found hilarious as I had not seen the movies they were … [Read more...]

Spooktacular Halloween Party Planning

Halloween Party Planning

Halloween parties are always fun, but the memorable ones take a little planning. With the holiday fast approaching, now is the time to start planning that spooktacular event. For best results, it is good to work out a few things before that will help guide you through the process. The five W's are a good way to proceed. Who: Knowing who to invite is a great start. If it is a family or children's event then different decorations and refreshments would be in order than if it were an adults only … [Read more...]

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorating goes beyond the costumes we wear to houses adorned with decorations both inside and out. The only limit is your creativity, so if you are looking for some inspiration, we have lined up some Halloween decorating ideas to spur you on. Whether you're creating scary Halloween decorations for your living room or looking for a unique Halloween yard display, a combination of the old standards and some new tricks always seem to create the right look. Add bone-chilling flair to … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Idaho

Day of the Dead

No, they don't carve potatoes in Idaho, but there are still a number of great Halloween parades in Idaho as well as a number of unique events. Idaho, home to a number of Native Indian tribes, also has a large Latin population as there are a few Day of thew Dead events. Courthouses, Grandstands and a Haunted Home Show Guess the ghosts and ghouls are not just haunting houses and cemeteries in Idaho. There are haunted Halloween events at a Home Show - scary people in to home improvements perhaps … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Nevada

fetish costume

Halloween parades in Nevada seem as appropriate as the parades in New Orleans or Disney properties. It is an endless party for visitors, and why should the employees be the only ones in costume? Walking through the casinos almost has a year round Halloween feel - there are Roman soldiers and toga clad waitresses and little Paris and Venice are there with all the Circus performers. It is also interesting that Nevada became a state on October 31. Nevada Cities Celebrate Halloween Early Given … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades In New Mexico 2012

day of dead parade

Halloween parades in New Mexico borrow from the traditions on both sides of the border and even some Medieval activities. It makes sense that Day of the Dead celebrations be combined with Halloween festivities due to the Latin influences at the Mexican border and the Mexican-American population in the state. Día de los Muertos Part of New Mexico Halloween The celebration of the Día de los Muertos is rooted in both indigenous Mexican people and Catholic religious workers. It honors and … [Read more...]

Halloween Parades in Missouri 2012

Lemp Haunted Mansion

Halloween events in Missouri include parades but also show rather eclectic activities that include haunted mansions, a chili cook off, a family tree dance, and even a Smashing Pumpkins concert. Given this is the "Show Me State," costumes must be popular, and Halloween is the best holiday for getting your costume on! Haunted Brewery, Smashing Pumpkins Big in Missouri The Lemp Mansion and the family that built one of the most successful breweries in St Louis has a history of misfortune and are … [Read more...]