Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent inspires 2014 Maleficent and Aurora costumes

Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent’s point of view. Jolie does an excellent job making you empathize with Maleficent inspite of the curse she creates. Most critics agree that Jolie’s acting makes this movie a worthy re-telling of the original Sleeping Beauty. (Spoiler alert) In the end you learn that Maleficent isn’t as bad you thought. She has a heart and loves Princess Aurora as if she was her own daughter. This new movie explains why she was so angry and what her motive was for the curse she placed on Aurora. It also gets you thinking about Maleficent and Aurora costumes

Maleficent vs. Sleeping Beauty

Watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, you do not know much about Maleficent except that she is an evil fairy whom everyone fears. When I was watching the beginning of Maleficent, I thought that Maleficent was the Evil Queen from Snow White. Did you also confuse Maleficent with the Evil Queen from Snow White?

This new movie begins with Maleficent as a young girl fairy with giant brown wings. She meets and falls in love with a human boy named Stefan. This boy grows up and betrays her by cutting off her wings as a gift for the aging king. The old king is so pleased that he names Stefan his successor. Maleficent is enraged by the loss of her wings and vows to make the new King Stefan suffer. As Maleficent’s anger grows, observe that her costume changes from earthy and flowing to black and tight.

When the king has a daughter, Maleficent sees an opportunity for revenge. She curses Aurora in her cradle to prick her finger on a spinning wheel before her sixteenth birthday. The only way to break the curse is true love’s kiss. Maleficent believes it is the perfect curse because she doesn’t believe in true love after being betrayed by Stefan. Like in the original Sleeping Beauty, the three small bumbling fairies try to protect Aurora and raise her away from the castle. However, in this movie, Maleficent watches over Aurora from a distance. When an older Aurora meets Maleficent, she thinks she is her fairy godmother. She is not afraid of her at all. In both movies, notice that Aurora wears long flowing pastel Renaissance Princess costumes.

Aurora still manages to prick her finger on a spinning wheel when she turns 16. I have always thought this part of the story was silly. Why would a princess ever be near a spinning wheel?  However in this version, you see Aurora drawn to the spinning wheel in a hypnotic trance and the outcome is different. Instead of a handsome prince waking her, Maleficent herself kisses her on the forehead. From this point, Maleficent is completely different from the original Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent and King Stefan begin their face-off. During the fight you see Maleficent’s wings magically manage to escape their case and reattach themselves to her back. This may be a bit unrealistic, but they are fairy wings. As the fight progresses, notice how Maleficent’s costume magically changes from a black robe to a black catsuit. Eventually the king falls to his death and Aurora inherits the kingdom. The movie ends with Aurora and Maleficent living as friends happily ever after. Be warned that like many of Disney’s newer movies, you will see no marriage at the end.

Costume Ideas from Maleficent

Maleficent can give you several costume ideas. Maleficent and Aurora costumes will certainly be popular this Halloween. Mr. Costumes has several Maleficent Costume choices. You can create your own sexy Maleficent costumes with a horn headpiece and black bustier. Black wings complete the look. All you need is a tight black skirt or pants and some black boots.

If you want to be more a traditional Maleficent, you can buy a Disney Prestige Maleficent Costume consisting of a long black robe and a horned headdress. Other sexy and fun Maleficent costumes include this Maleficent Dark Sorceress Costume. (pictured below). Check out the purple and pink flame sleeves.

For young girls who want a Princess or Sleeping Beauty costume, one my favorites is this Princess Aurora costume (pictured below) which consists of a blue dress with gold trim.

For other girls who love pink dresses, consider the elegant  Aurora Coronation Costume in pink and gold.  Which Maleficent character would you be? A sweet princess or an evil fairy? Be sure to visit Mr. Costumes for more 2014 Maleficent and Princess Aurora Costume Inspirations.