10 Best Halloween Costumes

It’s finally here – Halloween costume season! While I get to try costumes on all year, learning which costumes feel the softest, include the most accessories, or have the most realistic looking faux suede, most people only think about costumes in October, and only get a single opportunity to dress up and show off. I have personally signed up for Halloween kickball, to attend a costume birthday party, and to hit up the night clubs in the hopes of winning a cash prize for the best costume. I have a great shot – the world of costumes is at my fingertips, and I know what the selection is. I want to attend as many costume events as possible, and each in one of my favorite costumes. I think everyone else should do the same – it’s an amazing time that gets to be relived repeatedly.

To create the exclusive 10 Best Halloween Costumes for 2010 list, I had to set some guidelines. What to judge on? Well, clearly included accessories ranks very high. Costumes are so much better with makeup, gloves, fishnets, and other items. Quality of material is important – you want someone to be impressed with the costume – want to touch you and feel it. Yes, material is important. Popularity and originality are both contradictory and complimentary. A fine combination of both helps to make a perfect costume.

The List!

Joker CostumeGrand Heritage Joker Dark Knight Costume – Sale Price: $149.99
Complete with wig, purple gloves, makeup kit,shirt, jacket and pants.
Racy Robin Hood CostumeElite Racy Robin Hood Costume – Sale Price: $91.99
Stealing hearts with faux suede and lace detailing, boot covers, hat with feather, and included petticoat.
Oktoberfest CostumesOktoberfest Guy Costume – Sale Price: $94.99
Oktoberfest Girl Costume – $77.95
Winners every year! Fun costumes that serve double duty for Halloween and Oktoberfest! Elite collections designed for singles and couples.
Sexy Avatar CostumesSexy Neytiri Avatar Costume – $54.95
She’s a Blockbuster hit! Full bodysuit includes apron and beading, and fits great! Check out Deanna and Anthony dressed in Avatar costumes: Real People Avatar Pics
Harems Jewel Sexy CostumeElite Harem’s Jewel Costume – Sale Price: $79.99
Wear this only if you want to look HOT! Another costume that is part of the Elite collection (sensing a theme?)- sequin trim, halter bra for emphasis, coin trimmed pants with built in panties, and headpiece with veil all included!
Sexy Genie CostumeGenie May K Wish Sexy Costume – $51.95
Cover up or bare it all – removable belly covering makes this sexy costume abs-olutely awesome for any ladies with a tummy to display!
This dashing Royal Sultan Costume includes jacket with brocade details, turban, pants and sash – lead your lady into the night! Sale Price: $79.99
Beth the Bounty Hunter CostumeBeth the Bounty Hunter Costume – Sale Price: $36.99
Beth can hold her own anywhere, and just the fun of adding your pic to the Flickr collection of Beth pics is worth it alone!
Lt Dangle Reno 911 Costume
Reno 911 Lt Dangle Costume
– Sale Price: $32.99
No, Holiday Honey is not part of the list, but Lt Dangle is, and we just thought they look good together!
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