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Spooky Halloween Dessert Ideas

Halloween will be here before we know it. What Halloween food will you be serving at your parties this year? The best accessories for your spook-tacular night go beyond themed Halloween lights, decorations, and fun costume contests - they include spooky Halloween foods! Below we will give you some … [Read More...]


Zombie Makeup Ideas for the Living Dead Look

The Walking Dead has made zombies more popular than ever before. But how do you get that undead look for Halloween? It is not as hard as you might imagine. You can create a scary zombie look by using one of the zombie makeup kits available at Mr. Costumes, or with some simple household items. Below … [Read More...]

Best Pumpkins, Scarecrow Costumes and Crafts

The Best Pumpkins, Scarecrow Costumes and Crafts

Halloween isn't complete without pumpkins and scarecrows haunting front porches and lawns. With Halloween only a month away, it's time to find the best pumpkin and scarecrow costumes, crafts, recipes, and more to begin the celebration of this spooky fall holiday. Best Pumpkin Costume Festive … [Read More...]

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Superhero Ideas

Gotham City

Gotham’s Greatest Heroes and Villians

Everyone knows Gotham, the dark and foreboding metropolis teeming with insidious crime. But what we don’t know is why. Why does a city become corrupt to the point that heroes feel the need to wear masks? What makes a town become riddled with chaos and full of fear? Tonight’s premiere of … [Read More...]

DC Comics Wonder Woman

DC Comics Wonder Woman Through The Years

Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess, a super hero and a poster woman for feminism. She was created in 1941 by William Marston, a Harvard graduated psychologist as a type of psychological propaganda for the new type of woman, who he believed should rule the world. Her fight for peace, justice and … [Read More...]

festival morphsuits-costumes-cropped

Morphsuit Costumes are “Morph” Fun

Morph into a better version of you today! Morphsuits are the one-piece spandex body suits that you've seen worn by the pranksters and the extroverts, with full head coverings that cause you to ask, "How do you eat in that??"...among other things. Morphsuits are more than just one-piece, solid … [Read More...]

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Scary Costumes

Scary Kids Costumes

Scary Kids Costumes to Make Them Scream

While many children love dressing up in Disney or Nickelodeon costumes, this year you may be seeing a lot of zombies shuffling in front of your door with scary kids costumes. The popularity of The Walking Dead and zombie movies like World War Z has both adults and children running to get living dead costumes. But [...]

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Halloween Makeup Tips


Day of the Dead Makeup Ideas

The Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos is a holiday honoring the deceased celebrated in Mexico and around the world on November 1 and 2. As the holiday becomes more popular in America, more people are becoming interested in Day of the Dead makeup. You can easily experiment with Day of the Dead makeup [...]

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Halloween Fun


Myths and History of Halloween from the Celts to Today

Halloween Costumes, carving the Jack O’Lantern, and trick-or-treating are all part of the fantastic celebration of Halloween, but what does it all mean? Most people understand the History of Halloween includes superstitions and fear of the dead, but even those superstitions had a beginning. Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and Beggars Night originated as the festival [...]

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